Saturday, 12 October 2013

Game Over

Picture the scene; we are ascending strongly from camp 3 (6900m). It is a steep slope about 400metres in height. The wind is blowing from left the right and is strong enough to blow you off your feet. We are carrying all of our equipment to survive a few hours in camp 4 before setting out for the summit. The oxygen system was working well and really made a difference.

We got to within about 250 metres from Camp 4 to find the fixed ropes set in ice! There was no going on in such high winds without the fixed ropes so the only sensible decision was to turn around.

The route to camp 4

The views were breathtaking, literally on top of the world.  I felt stronger than ever before on such adventures. My physical preparation((some 7 months) was paying off and that makes the outcome a little harder to take.

To have given so much physically (I for one was at my peak), get so close and not summit may seem cruel but any mountaineer will acknowledge that this is the way it goes in the great outdoors.

Accept fate; it just wasn't meant to be. That we tried at all in such testing conditions is testimony to each and everyone of us. We should be humble enough to allow ourselves that much.

Finally, a tribute to my family for their resolve and ability to just get on with life in my absence. I love you all and long to hold you in my arms.

On route to camp 4

Camp 3

Back down at base camp (with my house on my back)

It has been a great journey from start to finish and I return to the UK a stronger person as a result.
Slanthe! :-)


  1. Congratulations Graeme and team for a great effort. You stayed there after everyone else left and gave it your best shot. Well done, well done.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Alan. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. We had a few beers with Phil last night and met TrIsh too.
      Kind Regards, Graeme

  2. Great pictures, sounds like an amazing experience despite the outcome. PS think someone needs a haircut!! ;-)