Sunday, 29 September 2013

All change..again!

We are not heading up the mountain today as planned. The weather has, again, played a significant part in our plans. We have had some snow for the last few days at all levels on the mountain and the cumulative effect of this may mean that the slopes high on the mountain are loaded. This could mean that they may avalanche if crossed.

Several teams have departed today in spite of the conditions, which don’t look too bad at Base Camp, for summit attempts on both the 2nd and 3rd October.

Our most recent weather forecast suggests that the 4th October is a better day to summit and after lengthy discussions amongst ourselves and with our Sherpa colleagues we have decided to depart for Camp 1 tomorrow.

We will then stay at each camp in turn before reaching Camp 4 on Thursday from where we will mount our summit attempt on Friday.

Whilst the sitting around is normal for Himalayan mountaineering it is quite frustrating and I, for one, am looking forward to getting underway tomorrow.

The teams that have set off today will clear the path and also alert us to any problems on the mountain which is an advantage.

All white in Base Camp – 28 Sep 13

Discussions with the Sherpa Team

Purba making pork curry for supper which was very nice

Our friends from both HIMEX and Altitude Junkies have now departed and there camps are in the process of being stripped and portered down the hill to Samagoen.  ‘Bon Voyage everyone’.

Interestingly another team has arrived to take their place in base camp which suggests that this mountain is still open for business.

That’s it for the next few days. I look forward to sending an update upon our return from high on the mountain. ;-)

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