Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Base camp (4800 metres above sea level)

We have arrived at base camp and started to sort out both our personal and team equipment ready for heading up high on the mountain. 

Dawn treated us to a stunning view of the mountain.

We are living about 80 metres lower than Mt Blanc! So most of us are huffing and puffing a bit due to the altitude, this should decrease over the next few days/weeks as our bodies adjust.

We have been busy sorting out the equipment ie communications, rations, cookers, gas, sleeping systems and putting every tent (23 of them!) up to make sure that it is serviceable.

We are planning a short walk up to the edge of the glacier tomorrow. This will aid our acclimatisation. We will also continue with the sorting of equipment and settling into our individual tents which will be home for the next month or so.  

Our pugja is booked for Thursday after which we will begin our climbing rotations on the mountain.

Find out more from our team blog  http://remec-manaslu13.blogspot.co.uk/  a few more photos on there and it's updated by the team and myself on a daily basis.

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