Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Base camp preparations

We have had a couple of days resting in Base Camp preparing oxygen masks and food for our next (and penultimate) journey high.

On Thursday we will head up to Camp 1 again for a sleep before heading through the icefall to Camp 2 for a sleep. On Saturday we will try and tag Camp 3 before retuning to Camp 2 again to sleep. On Sunday morning we will head down to Base Camp again to consolidate, assess the weather and rest before heading out for the summit which will take five days.

Mt Manaslu captured last night courtesy of Jon Evans

We are all good and looking forward to getting on the way again. The mountain is majestic and very appealing to us all in spite of the objective dangers that we must face in the steep ice fall between Camp 1 and Camp 2.

Our fellow climbers have returned from their last rotation before the summit today and they are all well if a little tired. It was good to listen to their stories. From my perspective it will be good to get high again and get the job done.
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