Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hey ho away we go

Today we will head up to Camp 1 again for a sleep before heading through the icefall to Camp 2 for another two nights. On Saturday we will try and tag Camp 3 before returning to Base Camp on Sunday where we will consolidate, assess the weather and rest before heading out for our first crack at the summit which will take five days.

We have very closely followed the pattern that the more experienced commercial teams have adopted successfully over the last 6 years. It would be folly not to do this given the experience of both Russell Bryce from Himex and Phil Crampton (Dad was a Royal Engineer) from Altitude Junkies who have both been incredibly supportive of us all. Thank you both!

Whilst in Base Camp we have been looked after superbly by Purba and Nema who produced a delightful chicken curry last night and a steak meal two nights ago.

Brad, Jon and James tucking into the steak dinner with Nema looking on

The steak dinner produced on a camping stove (just needed some red wine)

Yesterday we sorted out food into 24 hours rations for both this next trip and for the first summit bid. Jon who has sourced and prepared the food for us talked us through the rations available which are fantastic. My rations are supplemented with Yorkshire tea bags and marmite. Thanks again Jon – Sterling effort!

Jon talking us through the rations prior to us preparing what we want to take up the hill individually. From the left Chris, James, Ben, Brad and Rob.

On other matters, Little Chris left us by Helicopter two days ago to undergo some medical tests in Kathmandu. He has been discharged from Hospital to await a flight home for further tests. His wit and banter have been missed and we wish him well. See the REMEC blog for a picture of him in the front seat of the helicopter.

Jim testing out his oxygen system

Mt Manaslu captured this morning

We are all on good form and looking forward to getting on the way again. The rest of the team have set off and I’ll be following them after posting this blog. Feel free to comment on the blog and ask any questions that you may have. I will do my best to answer them. Best wishes to all and see you soon. 

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