Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Team acclimatised following climb to Camp 3

We are now back in base camp having successfully completed our planned acclimatisation rotation. Everyone is well if a little tired.
Our two nights in camp 2 and walk to camp 3, to drop off high altitude clothing and equipment, will serve us well when the time comes for us to go for the summit. We will now rest in base camp for three or four days and watch the weather which is forecast to bring snow!

We're probably burning round 4000 Kcals per day on the mountain and temperatures (degrees celsius ) are approximately as follows, Camp 3: - 10, Camp 4: -13 and Summit: -21

If we get a lot of snow then we will need to assess the stability of the snow pack, as we go higher, regarding avalanches. If the snow pack is unstable it could be a long wait, however, we have time.
Our friends in the HIMEX and Altitude Junkies are summiting today and all is going well for them at the moment.

Some pictures from our latest trip.

Climbers on the route from Camp 2 to Camp 3. The summit looking ever closer.

Camp 3

Climbers on the route from Camp 3 to Camp 4

Jon, Brad and Chris on the way to Camp 2 (6700 metres)

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