Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nearing the end of the trek (Phase 1)

Our trek from Arugat to Samagoen has one day to go. We are staying overnight in a place called Lho today and will arrive in Samagoen tomorrow. As the team blog has illustrated we have travelled through some spectacular scenery. As we have ascended the river Buddhi Gandaki and crossed from the east to west bank daily we have been privileged to see nature at it’s finest in both the flora and the fauna. We have also taken the opportunity to revisit mountain first aid skills.

The terrain has opened up today, the temperatures are much lower and the river Buddhi Gandaki is far below.We have gained 2500 metres in height over the last few days and will gain another 340 metres tomorrow on the trail to Smagaoen. We should get our first glimpse of the Mt Manaslu tomorrow and we are all looking forward to seeing her for real. The shear size of these Himalayan peaks is a sight to behold and can stop you in your steps when you see them for the first time. We will be getting to know Mt Manaslu very well over the next few weeks.

We will stay in Samagoen for a day or two while Cham, our Sirdar (the boss of the support crew), finds a new porter team to take our equipment and food to Manaslu base camp. Local rules dictate that we must use Samagoen people which is a shame, in one respect, as i feel that we have a great rapport with the team that has helped us so far. That said we are giving another team the opportunity of some work.

While we are in Samagoen we will take a few acclimatisation walks to prepare us for walk to base camp which is a massive 880 metre ascent in one day.

Once in base camp we will have the opportunity to prepare our clothing and equipment before starting to carry loads up the mountain all the while acclimatising in ultimate preparation for summit attempts at the end of September.  

The team - Chris, Jon, Brad, Jim, Rob, Ben and Little Chris.

If you are interested in finding out more about the expedition please feel free follow the team blog which is updated daily by the team and myself.

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